Thrown To The Wolves

by Wolfbeast Destroyer

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released February 27, 2017


Recorded by Boulty @ Stuck On A Name Studios, Nottingham 15th January & 17th February 2017.

Vocals mostly recorded by Luke "The Boston Strangler" May 12th February

Mixed & mastered by Boulty @ Stuck On A Name



all rights reserved


Wolfbeast Destroyer Boston, UK


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Track Name: There Is No Hope
There is no hope when progress turns into oppression
the cracks in society are beyond repair
Reach for the stars, there is nothing left here
Architects of our own demise
The beginning of the end?
Or already too late?
The fabric of society
Is coming apart at the seams
There is no hope, men in lab coats unwitting accessories
to our impending extermination
Where kings once stood, there are now charred remains
The life-blood that once overflowed is ebbing away
The beginning of the end?
Or already too late?
The fate of civilisation
Resting on a blade
We are the embodiment
Of denial , pride & greed
We toppled the canopies
We fractured the veins
No mourners
No eulogy
No second chance
As it all fades to black
Track Name: Thrown To The Wolves
The pigs have spoken, it's been decided, turn off the lights.
It’s not so much a choice of fight or flight as heat or eat.
First he giveth, before he taketh away?
The vultures are circling but our bones are already stripped clean.
Cut at our wrists, left to bleed out.
Thrown to the wolves.
Tear out our throats, left to choke.
Thrown to the wolves.
Gun to the head, bullet in the chamber, release the dogs
Arms tied behind our backs & pushed towards the edge
Not waving but drowning, sink or swim
The sharks are circling sensing blood but we’ve already been drained out
Track Name: No Turning Back
The walls that had always kept them safe have turned into a cage
The only escape is headfirst into the waves
With reckless abandon
Running towards uncertainty
Away from the fire & into the flames
No turning back, a journey of death
Face forced down into the earth choking, clawing for breath
…& then there was nothing but scorched marks & snow on the ground
No bird-song, no laughter just deafening silence
Track Name: Carved Into Bone
They arrive in the shadows, silent & scheming
Their claws in our back, opening skin, a doorway within
Devoured from the inside, a parasite, a fucking ghost
Supressing the darkest of secrets, restrained despair
An escape from perpetual suffering, everlasting repose
Devoured from the inside, a parasite, a fucking ghost
They arrive in a hail of hate, kicking & screaming
carved their intentions in bones, taking what doesn't belong
Devoured from the inside, a parasite, a fucking ghost
Track Name: The Triumph Of Death
And as the bell tolled the condemned assembled
An army of reapers lying in wait
Bear witness to unspeakable suffering
An indiscernible prophecy
A legion of skeletons razing the earth
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run
Scythes & swords cut through the sinews & bone
Under blackened skies
No Respite!
No Release!
No Relief!
Track Name: Whistlers & Mortars
Fire rains down from the sky
Cut off
A silent battalion approaches, a slow steady march
The mangled carcasses of vehicles & homes
The gravest reminder of what they're running from
Bodies huddled together inside a circle of thorns
The city of the damned
Cut off your nose to spite your face
Is this the life that the enlightened deserve?
Bound & gagged, filled with hate & fear
'No gun, no life' in this lawless society
The whistlers & mortars overhead
Death comes from above
Not from Gods, but from the hands of men
The devils walk the earth
As fire rains down from the sky